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"I am very much impressed with SMOT.The students are definite to have a bright future. 'SMOT will be an institution to reckon with."
M.S Sundara Rajan, CMD, INDIAN BANK
"Very Impressive institute and students with zeal & drive to succeed"
Ramamurthi, CTS
"SMOT is always smart.where there is will there is way.All the best to the students & the management."
C.K Ranganathan, CEO, Cavin Kare
"The institute has done a pretty good job in recruiting students who are eager and receptive for seeking knowledge"
Vaidy Jayraman, Professor, University of MIAMI,FL,U.S.A
"It was a nice experience with interesting interactions & sharing experience with your students"
Anil K Mital, AGM, BHEL
"The appetite to absorb someone's experience in indicative of an extremely 'adaptive' and 'mouldable' group of future leaders that SMOT can be proud of"
N.T Arun Kumar, CEO, Dun & Bradstreet Transunion
"SMOT is doing great service to society by bringing & serving right talent to Industry."
R. Anandan, Manager-HR, Ashok Leyland
"I enjoyed my session with students,who were attractive,encouraging and enthusiastic"
K Shankar, President-Shipping, India Cements Ltd.
"Excellent facility/infrastructure for students to learn"
A.Syed Buhari, Head-Recruitment, Coal&Oil Group
"Am really impressed with the facilities created"
K.Shankar, MD, Technip
"Inspiring Audience.Interactable session.Good to see that students are proud of the class."
R. Deepak, Programme Manager, Ford India Ltd.
"Great experience will be back in SMOT again."
S.Venkateswaran, Corporate Advisor, R-Four Corporation,Malaysia
"I had a great time interacting with all the students. Hope to come back soon. Thanks"
Soumik Ganguly, PaGaLGuY.com
"Delightful group of students, asked good, insightful questions, was a joy to teach such eager students. I am looking forward to having about their progress. Good start SMOT"
Dr. Babu G.Baradwaj, Towson University, Towson, MD, USA
"Excellent environment to sharpen the young minds. India is blessed to have talented young unit force machined by dedicated, quality faculty of this SMOT. I am proud to be associated with you!"
L Ravindran, Wealth Max Enterprises Management Private Limited
"Very bright group of students. Answered many questions very quickly. Asked the right questions. Will be an asset to any organization many of them choose to join. May become future lenders of our growing nation"
P L Vivekanand, CEO- Fitness One
"I feel young and my time here was very informative. I learnt a lot from students and I had nostalgic memories of my student days. I would like to come more often and interact with the young minds. I am sure that SMOT will go a long way and will be one of the best B-School in the country! My best wishes to the future architects of the country!"
Ashwin Jayasingh, Regional Head, Money Line Credit Limited
"I came here to SMOT School of Business to motivate the students; I must be honest to admit that I go fully motivated"
M. B. Nirmal, Founder- Exnora International
"Wonderful institution with highly enthusiastic students. Keep it up"
Rob Roy, Santa Clara, CA, USA
"Nice atmosphere and attentive students. Enjoyed interacting with students"
T. E. S. Raghavan, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
"I really enjoyed being here. Wonderful infrastructure. I would like to come again"
Pradip Chopra, P.S. Group
"An impressive campus. Highly energized and interactive students willing to learn"
B. Venkataramana, VP- Group HR, Life Style International
"It was really refreshing to see young faces, eager to learn and face the world"
D. Kamala J, T Singh, Global Innovative Research Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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