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Message from The Chairman, SMOT School of Business
SMOT School of Business is an academic body that renders service in Higher Education with a view to empower the youth with leadership qualities that would enable them to face any kind of challenges in the nation building exercise. SMOT School is professionally run and managed by the progressively minded group of professionals organized as Golden Academy of Higher Education Pvt. Ltd. The promoters, a group of Businessmen with over four decades of standing have joined with eminent Academicians in positioning the Institution as a credible Business School that would work in tandem with the Industry in a mutually beneficial manner. This educational service is an expression of the promoters' intention of fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility in returning something to the society for what it has given to them. The aim of the Institution is to make the Learners to become Leaders.

Learning at SMOT is a Multi - Faceted activity involving case studies, group presentations, live projects and guest lectures. In trying to bridge the industry-academic gap SMOT has used the Internship program to give students a hands-on experience and add a whole new dimension to their skill sets.

The SMOT - academic council is constantly in tune with the industry's dynamic demands and provides students with an up to date curriculum. The academic offering is on par with global standards, with faculty drawn primarily from renowned professional bodies and top institutions in India and abroad.

I extend my best wishes to all students studying at SMOT and hope that the education and the value system they acquire will help them in their profession and to achieve their goals.

Chairman, SMOT School of Business

Message from the President & Vice-Chancellor, Saint Mary’s University, Canada
Colin DoddsSaint Mary's University, Halifax, Ottawa, Canada is a century old accredited educational Institution which helps students explore big ideas with its small class sizes and accessible teaching staff. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Arts, Business, and Science with social and career outreach opportunities in the local community and through partnerships around the globe. It is home to The Sobey School of Business, the largest and most respected business school in Atlantic Canada. We are proud of the high standard of our academic programs, our innovative research, and our commitment to be a living laboratory where we create a more sustainable future.

In achieving its mission, the Saint Mary’s community is guided by core values of academic integrity, the pursuit of knowledge, and environmental sustainability. The University is committed to accessibility, diversity and provision of a positive and supportive learning environment through the effective integration of teaching and research. We recognize the importance of the contribution and growth of each individual in the University’s success. Through promoting the importance of critical enquiry, leadership, teamwork and global awareness, we aim to prepare students for responsible and rewarding lives. Forever, we remain dedicated to our motto – One University, One world and that is your world.

Saint Mary’s University, building on its strong tradition of accessibility and community engagement will be the ‘University of Choice’ for aspiring citizens of the world.

I extend my best wishes to all students of SMOT School of Business, our academic partner in India and hope that the education they acquire will help them become professional in all their ethical endeavors and remain value oriented in life.

President & Vice-Chancellor, Saint Mary’s University, Canada

Message From The Vice-Chancellor, Bharathidasan University
Established by the Tamil Nadu Government by Act No. 2 of 1982, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, has grown with an excellent research base, offering PG and research programmes through 35 and odd Schools, Departments and Research Centres. The University is accredited with "A" Grade by NAAC and is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). During the past 25 years, the University has made tremendous contribution towards teaching and research.

The faculty of the University includes winners of prestigious honors like, Bhatnagar Award, Hari Om Trust Award, Meghnad Saha Award, UNESCO Award, Sahitya Akademi Award, TANSA Award, National Environmental Science Academy award and Indian National Science Congress Award.

Many members of the faculty have received fellowships like FNA, FNASc, FASc, FIAT, FPTCA, FLS, FAEB and PRES. The University has acquired SAP-DR8 Level ll for Chemistry Department, DST-FIST for Animal Science, Chemistry, Physics, Plant Science Departments and DST-IRHPA for the Centre for Non-linear Dynamics. The University offers a wide range of contemporary, emerging and career oriented programs through the 1 20 affiliated colleges.

In consonance with the current view that Institutions of Higher Learning should open out to global competition and move towards self-sustenance through external cash flow; an independent unit called Bharathidasan University Business Development Centre (BDU-BDC) was established.

In the last three decades, significant changes have been brought into Research and Development in Universities of India. Not only did the Universities look for greater generation of funding resources to sustain their research activities as funding from Government sources have become significantly dwindled, but also the Universities have been motivated towards the service of the society around them. Consequently, the researchers have been forced to "sell" their knowledge and research outputs through consultancy and transfer of technologies, which they have developed, to the needy industries. At the same time, this provided an avenue for taking scientific developments to the society. Since the individual scientists did not have the required time and expertise to facilitate the above activities, an organizational set-up was mandatorily required. In Bharathidasan University this was taken care by the Business Development Centre (BDU-BDC) since 2002.

The Centre has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several specialized institutions / Hospitals / Colleges to offer various off-campus courses

I extend my best wishes to all students studying through this Centre of Bharathidasan University and hope that the education they acquire will help them in their profession to achieve their goals.

Vice-Chancellor, Bharathidasan University
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