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Current Students Speak
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"SMOT has an institute emphasizes more on attaining the attitude of a management professional and enhances the curiosity of gaining knowledge. The academicians of SMOT are dedicated towards converting learners into leaders. SMOT lives up to its name (Simple Magnetic Overunity Toy - SMOT) in transforming the attracting magnetic energy of the students into deliverable and applicable kinetic energy. SMOT makes each day count and enables us to experience learning as fun."
Ram Prakash. P

"Joining SMOT has changed my life around. I have become a better person, focused, self -dependent, sociable and confident than ever"

"SMOT has excellent team of faculty with great knowledge. We have experienced experts from various reputed industries visiting the campus. Knowledge and experience supplementing each other is a great combo provided to us!"
Muhamad Mohaideen.N

"SMOT has everything I was looking for, from well-equipped classes to the whole social and infrastructure advantage and the things unique to SMOT are the encouraging and supportive Gurus, fantastic, friendly and motivated student body with diverse opinions, internships and projects with real corporate exposure, extremely good ambience, and much more. SMOT is THE BEST!!"

"Being at SMOT is interesting and challenging. Itís a good experience of handling crisis situations and working on tough deadlines. Applying management fundas to current happenings is real time fun. Itís a perfect place for learning"

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