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Alumni Speak
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Joining SMOT is the best thing that had happened to me in the last year or so. And I’venever looked back since then. Studying at SMOT is an experience in itself. Learning new things from morning till night, day in and day out, for 16 months, is a boon for any aspiring student. The pedagogy is world class and offers the student an in-depth view on various managerial know-hows. Suffice it to say that any student undergoing the course will be equipped enough to survive and flourish in the competitive market scenario.
Shriram S, Executive Support, Corporater Asia Technologies

"Every student who joins MBA, joins with 2 things in mind: make more money after the course and to improve her/his knowledge.

SMOT has given me a RoI of apprximately 500% and I report directly to the IT head of one of the biggest Insurance companies in the East Coast of USA which can only be dedicated to the knowledge I received as a part of my curriculum.

I am more than happy to have joined SMOT which made me believe in myself and challenge the unknown thus responsible for my holistic development"

Bharath S Iyer, Project Manager, Photon Infotech

"I feel, the kind of exposure we got from SMOT was phenomenal .The exposure was not only limited to the boundaries of academics but was much beyond that. This helped us realise our business skills. Guest faculty and guest lectures gave us very good insight. All I can say is that SMOT gave us vision of how business functions and where we can position ourselves globally."
Lakshmaiah Setty P, Business Analyst, Photon Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

"My Experience in SMOT has changed my life from being an individual who wants to live a life to an individual who wants to lead the life. The Professors have brought about a change in the perspective of how I saw the work life. And not to mention my dear classmates who have made me understand the corporate environment by sharing their experiences. When I have to say something about SMOT, I would say “Being SMOTian is an experience that you can get only by being in SMOT.”
Navaneeth. K.R, Business Analyst, GENPACT India.

SMOT : The best two years of my life.
I would like to take this opportunity to say special thanks to all the members of SMOT School of Business. I need never look back, because the SMOT experience is still with in me guiding my way ahead. All the best for the current batch students".
"We Can/ We Will /We Should"

V S Ravikiran Chilukuri, Marketing Executive, Future Calls Technology Pvt Ltd.
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